Life Skills In A Kid

10 Skills Every Kid Should Have As A Child

Do you ever wonder if your child can take care of himself if left alone for a while? It is very important for the child to have a knowledge of the basic life skills growing up. However, children do not learn everything in schools. This lesson of life is a product of the home. 

Do not worry! This is the list of 10 skills every kid should absolutely have by the time they are 10. 

  • Responsible For Themselves
  • Kids should learn how to take care of themselves. Let them do small tasks for themselves in the early stage. In some cases, parents do everything for their children, which is not correct for the child’s independence. Start with small tasks like packing their own school bags and getting ready for school. 

    Life Skills In A Kid

  • Time Management
  • Every child must learn how to perform their duties on time. Get them to use an alarm or a planner for managing their own time for school.

  • Adaptability
  • They should learn how to adapt to different surroundings. Let’s be honest! Things change constantly and kids should always be prepared to leave their comfort zone in life growing up.

  • First Aid & Safety
  • Safety comes first. This skill is important for life and health. Teach them about the usage of first aid boxes and the use of each of their content. Guide them the basics of how to keep themselves in good health too. 

  • Communication With Others
  • Sociability in children is important. A child should know how to make basic conversation with other people. 

  • Basics Of Travelling
  • Apart from using maps, kids should know about the fundamentals of traveling. That involves using public transport or them riding their bicycle. 

  • Doing Laundry 
  • Washing their clothes is also an important skill to have. Involve them in doing their daily laundry. Teach them to use a washing machine. 

  • Money Handling 

  • Life Skills In A Kid

    Start giving them pocket money every month for their own expenses and teach them about managing the money. 

  • How To Shop 
  • Kids should know about the basics of buying anything from a shop or a market. Take them grocery shopping with you. Let them observe!

  •  Basic Cooking Skills

  • Life Skills In A Kid

    Involve the kids in the kitchen and let them make simple meals for themselves. Cooking is an important skill to know. Orange Figs aims at getting kids into the kitchen to understand and unravel the fun of cooking.

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