4 Golden Rules To Make Salads

A perfect salad is a mixture of just the right balance of flavours, colour, and textures. It is not very difficult to gain a perfect salad. You just have to get the basics right. Then you are ready to experiment and come up with entirely your salad recipe as well. 

Here are the 4 golden rules that you need to follow to make any kind of salad:-

  • Keep The Greens Crunchy And Crisp

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    Try to keep the greens crunchy. This can be done if you wash the leaves of the preferred lettuce and keep it for some time in ice water. This will make the leaves more fresh and crispy. You can do the same thing with any other leafy ingredient to give it a bite.

  • Cut The Ingredients In Bite Size

  • All the ingredients in the salad should be cut down to bite-size. It makes it convenient to eat it. Just tear down the leaves and use a knife to chop the vegetable or any other ingredient. 

  • Right Mixture Of Textures And Flavours

  • Salad Vegetables

    It is important that the salad is a combination of various textures and flavours as it can get pretty monotonous. A dash of colour also makes it vibrant and appealing to the eyes. You can even put a little topping of your preferred cheese on the salad to make it more interesting.

  • Balance The Dressing  

  • Salad dressing

    The dressing of the salad gives it most of the flavours. You can balance the flavours by making the dressing tangy and sweet or sometimes spicy. Add the dressing at the end as it can make the salad soggy and undesirable. Freshly toss the vegetables and other ingredients in the dressing and serve it chilled. 

    Finally, you can add many add ons like blue cheese or any cheese that you like, or croutons. 

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