Baking With Kids

5 Activities For Kids And Parents To Enjoy Together

Are you very busy with work? Do you look for ways to spend time with your kids?

We get it! Spending time together with kids is very important for knowing each other. This not only develops a bond between the two but also is an expression of love. So, here are 5 activities that you and your kids can do together and have fun.

1. Reading

Encourage book reading in children. Try reading to them every day or let them read something to you. 

2. Gardening Is Fun

Gardening is a great way, to bond with your child. By assigning them responsibility for a bunch of plants will give them a sense of responsibility all the while developing a sense of ownership too. They are bound to undergo a series of positive emotions by seeing their hard work pay off with the growth of beautiful plants. 

 3. Learning To Bake 

Does your kid watch a lot of cookery and baking shows? Baking and cooking are therapeutic and it applies to kids too. If they have flair for baking, enroll them in a workshop. Check out Subscription plans from Orange Figs that has amazing offers and you get DIY kits with pre-measured ingredients and experts guide through the baking process by an interactive App. A fun activity that can be enjoyed with the family. The recipes are easy and fun and kids can bake them on their own too.

4. Movie Time

Watch family movies together with your kids to spend more time with them.

5. Helping around the house

Encourage your kids to help you around with household chores. Doing these chores with them will make them responsible as well. You can also join them in more physical activities like Yoga, aerobics, skipping to ensure that they get their daily dose of adrenalin rush which makes them fit and healthy.

Lastly, parents must try to establish a flow of communication with their kids. They must be encouraged to speak out their feelings and emotions without any hesitation. This will establish a bond between the young ones and parents, which is especially needed during these testing times.

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