5 Great Reasons to Bake with Your Kids  - Orange Figs

5 Great Reasons to Bake with Your Kids - Orange Figs

Baking is more than just enjoying delicious desserts, it’s a therapeutic way to connect with the food you eat. Just like cooking, baking is a great activity for kids and adults alike, but here is a look at why introducing your kids to baking can be beneficial for them.

Boosts Self Confidence


When baking together, kids see that by following simple steps, a task can be broken down into simple, easy to do parts, that results in an achievable goal. This instills a sense of confidence in them for every other activity they take up. By being able to break up any tasks into smaller manageable parts, they keep their mind positively occupied, hence face fewer failures. This is why cooking with your kids is such a great idea.

Watching a mouth wateringly delicious dessert that they helped bake, is a great way to positively reinforce this concept in their minds.

Teaches Life Skills

While baking helps boost their confidence, it also helps them deal with failures. Every time a cake is burnt or is undercooked, it helps them understand and accept failure, while at the same time helping them learn to analyze what went wrong. 

Every failed dessert teaches a child as much if not more about baking, and that is a lesson they can apply to life itself.

Also, baking teaches kids to be independent, which is an important life skill they need to learn.

That’s why unless they have a parent who is proficient at baking, it’s best to start them off with  easy to use home baking kits such as these

Improves Family Bonding

Baking together is a great way to spend quality family time. Whether it’s parents and kids or even grandparents and kids, baking is a great way to bond and work together in a casual environment. 

In fact, in a fast paced world, it is a great way to slow down and teach kids patience. This is primarily why baking is considered so therapeutic. It is an activity that really encourages teamwork in a fun and positive way. Cooking with children is a great way to have some family bonding.

Sharpens Focus

Baking takes time and patience, as opposed to instantly ordering or picking

Up dessert from a store, this is why it is highly recommended that you cook with your kids. It helps kids learn to focus, by seeing an activity through, without allowing their minds to wander. 

In today’s world of ever shrinking attention spans, this is a blessing in disguise and a valuable lesson for kids to learn. 

Improves Vocabulary

Learning about exotic dishes from around the world brings exposure to kids, and following a recipe helps them learn and expand their vocabulary. Baking is a technical skill as much as it is an art, and therefore there is twice the learning to be had in terms of language. While kids learn about various techniques used in baking, such as whisking, and folding, they are also exposed to words that describe the taste or consistency of different ingredients. 

Moreover, being able to follow an instruction card improves their reading skills, especially in more reluctant readers. 

While baking is a great way for kids to explore their creativity in the kitchen, it is also extremely therapeutic for parents. That’s why we at Orange Figs conduct regular classes for kids, as well as provide Simple yet fun home baking kits for adults as well as kids, so that you can explore this creative hobby at your own leisure.

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