5 Reasons To attend Camps And Workshops:

5 Reasons To attend Camps And Workshops:

Most of the time we think workshops and camps are just a random gimmick that companies play to market their products, that could be partly true but that's not the only reason workshops are meant for. It is very narrow-minded to say that workshops and camps do no good to people. It is a fact that Industrial experts and people who spend their whole life doing a certain thing gather all their experience and all the information they have and form a course out of it to reach out people.

Few reasons one should enroll more and participate actively in workshops and camps.

  1. Most of the good camps and workshops out there are conducted by people who have done something extraordinary in the particular industry, and then came forward to spread the knowledge they have acquired.
  2. It is surely an amazing opportunity to meet new people, and make new connections and friends.
  3. Workshops give a taste of success and failure which gives the strength and confidence to face anything with valor even in the outer world.
  4. It is surely an excellent way to unplug yourself from your phones and technology for a while.
  5. Workshops and camps enhance creativity and surely bring in some knowledge to you and the knowledge you get from courses and books stays with you forever. Great workshops may land you in  an amazing job or you may even end up with amazing business ideas. 

Here at the Orange Figs, we always try breaking stigmas about the kitchen, we have connected with several families with our baking classes and different camps we keep conducting regularly.

If you are a parent residing in Hyderabad we have a great opportunity for your child to experience this therapeutic and calming art of baking towards the end of May with our baking summer camp where we teach 24 recipes in 14 days.

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