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5 Reasons to Choose The Orange Figs:

Baking and cooking are a very creative space. “chore” is an understatement for cooking and baking. More than a chore it is an amazing way to handle the mind, reduce stress and zone out from a stressful day of work.

Something of this sort is very important to zone out, otherwise life can make one crazy, there's nothing better than cooking and baking.

We at the Orange Figs noticed that kids have a very strong inclination towards cooking and getting into the kitchen to work, but it is very evident that such places are only for professionals and elders, so we took the initiative and started the Orange Figs for the kids to have some fun and experience the art of baking as well.

5 Reasons to choose us:

  1. We have amazing chefs and an amazing ambience, baking with such experienced chefs and in such an amazing ambience is an experience of its own which should surely be experienced.
  2. Baking can surely teach some math skills, taking care of the ingredient count, adding when necessary, subtracting when necessary and dividing when necessary.
  3. Children can learn how to work in a team, how to support each other and help each other, this is something we necessarily impart here.
  4. Patience and failure are two very important traits one should get used to in life, Baking surely gives a small glimpse of these traits, it is very possible that what you bake can be a disaster some day or may take way too much time than necessary.
  5. Time management and confidence are two very important qualities that we impart in the children who come to us to learn baking.

Send your child to us for some all round and fun skills, we always insist on the point that it is very important to have knowledge other than academic knowledge, only study and no creative activities would only make them dull and would kill their enthusiasm.

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