Tips To Engage your kids in the kitchen

Tips To Engage your kids in the kitchen

One of the greatest gifts to a person is the ability to cook, kids who help out in the kitchen surely grow to be more confident and self-sufficient. There is no age limit to start helping out in the kitchen, the youngest of the youngest can get into the kitchen and do something or the other like rinsing the fruits and vegetables, or helping in picking out the groceries. 

You can ask them to fetch things for you from the fridge. As they grow older you can teach them some measuring skills by telling them to add salt to the food, or water to the dough. 

As they grow a little more older you can start trusting them with knives and graters.

It can be a good journey from rinsing vegetables and fruits to cutting, chopping, and baking a cake.

It is always a good idea to make a child-friendly place in the kitchen so that it is safe for the very young children, they can indulge in some kitchen activity regularly.

Not only in the meal preparation, it is also advisable to involve the children in meal planning and recipe research as well, this can give them a piece of good knowledge about food and the food they choose to have.

Last but not least do it often, try to get them into the kitchen every day, if that is not possible at least once in 2 days would be good.

We have seen many children and families benefit after learning how to bake. It has been working as a very good stress buster for the children, they got something other than their phones to fall back on after a stressful day.

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