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5 Ways To Make Waste-Free Lunches For School

Parents struggle a lot because kids tend to waste food and either bring it back home or dump it at lunchtime. There are many ways that can ensure that your kid eats the food and uses waste-free materials for lunchtime. This saves up a lot of money and is good for the environment too. Here are ways to make waste-free lunches for school. 

1. Talk To The Teachers Or Lunch Supervisors

Make sure that there are regular checkups for any leftovers or wastage in the school. Suggest to them this idea of waste management if it is not being done already.

2. Avoid Plastic bottles 


 Lunches For School


Using reusable water bottles is a good investment that also keeps our planet healthy. Avoid the plastic bottles altogether from your lives as much as you can.

3. Use Reusable Cutlery And Napkins

Pack them reusable spoons and forks. Avoid giving them paper napkins. Talk to them about bringing all of it back home. This will make the kids responsible and save a lot of paper too.

4. Encourage The Kids To Pack Their Own Lunch 


Lunches For School


Letting the kids pack their own lunch gives them an opportunity to be a part of the process. This makes them realise the importance of food and respect the process too.

5. Leftovers As Lunch

Leftovers from dinner can be packed as lunch in the morning. A lot of waste problems are solved from this. 

Kids are smart enough to understand the problem and work their way with you to solve it. Being proactive about waste problems and making kids aware can have a lot of positive impacts on the planet as well. Start today!

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