6 Myths About Cooking That Should Be Busted Immediately:

6 Myths About Cooking That Should Be Busted Immediately:

There are several cooking myths and misconceptions that have been spreading all over the place for a long long time.

These food misconceptions and fear-mongering always caused a lot of guilt and stress in people's minds.

It is the time to break some myths and start some positivity with proper information.

Putting every myth, only sometime you would understand how therapeutic cooking is and how cooking can change your life.

Through this blog, we intend to tell you a few myths about cooking that are way too baseless.

  1. Few people still believe that the kitchen is for women and not for men; this is a very stigmatic thought and should be broken as soon as possible. Cooking is a very calming activity that everyone should necessarily indulge in immaterial of their age and gender.
  2. Kids should not be allowed to enter the kitchen as it is very dangerous. Cooking is one of the most therapeutic activities one can indulge in, Cooking regularly can be a life-changing experience. It can be dangerous for kids for which it is important to set some ground rules.
  3.  It is not true that Spices are only used by Asians, but used all over the world. Maybe the spices are different by names and the usage doses but they are present.
  4. It is always said that vegetarians have less options and food choices but that's not true, there are a number of tasty choices that even vegetarians can make.
  5. We treat cooking as a chore, but it's an art. It teaches us many skills like creativity, math skills, measuring skills, time management and patience.
  6. One of the most unwanted rules to be avoided is to not make a mess and not make mistakes. Only by making mistakes do we learn, so it is very important to keep someplace for mistakes even while cooking.

One thing to keep in mind is to try to stay away from such myths and get into the kitchen no matter what your age or gender might be.

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