Cognitive development in kids

7 Ways to Promote Your Child's Cognitive Development

Healthy Cognitive Development in your child can directly provide for his foundation for success in life. When we say cognitive development, it means your child’s ability to think, explore and understand things in life. It helps them to acquire knowledge, grasp the ways of life and understand the world they are in.
Here are 7 ways to promote your child’s cognitive development through several activities.

1. Count Numbers

Let them count everything they come across. For example, the number of clothes they are wearing, the number of cars they see parked, etc. 

2. Practice Alphabets


Cognitive development in kids


Practice alphabets with them. You can also make the alphabet songs or poems to make them learn it easily. Show them pictures of the letters and objects to help them remember. 

3. Play With Colours & Shapes

Show them different colours and shapes around them. Point out the shapes and colours in the food they eat or the clothes they wear. Explain it first and later they can do it themselves. 

4. Sing-Along

Encourage the kids to sing with you. Let them get involved by humming or clapping too. Pick out their favourite songs or poems and sing aloud.

5. Encourage Questions


Cognitive development in kids


Present them with options and give them a choice. Make them curious by asking questions yourself. This will give them the idea of a problem and make them understand their surroundings better.

6. More Play Dates

Social interaction is important too. By encouraging more playdates, they get a chance to interact with others. 

7. Engage In Activities


Cognitive development in kids


Indulging in different activities is important for a child’s growth. Outdoor games or extracurricular activities are therefore quite crucial for children. Orange Figs’ monthly and annual subscription plans for kids help you keep up with their healthy dose of fun and involvement in extracurricular activities. Visit our website for any of these exciting plans and let your kid get learning about life! Subscribe now!


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