Back To Office: How To Charge Productivity In Office

As we make our way back to the offices after a year-long of working remotely, we tend to struggle to keep up with the changing work environment. It is easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle when working from home, but when we start going to the office it becomes a little tricky. For some, even the commute to the office and back takes a lot of time. In this scenario, we struggle with our sleep, food, work, and personal time. 

Here is a list of 5 ways in which you can maintain your productivity level going back to the office. 

1. Sleep Comes First

Maintaining the sleep cycle was the easiest during work from home as you can wake up just half an hour early and start your day. As the offices reopen the commute itself is time-consuming for most people. All the good sleep habits that you may have picked up during the pandemic might need to change now. So give yourself that time to adapt to this sudden change. Even if you wake up 30 minutes early, it is progress. A good amount of sleep reduces stress eating and prevents us from any kind of emotional and physical stress. It also keeps us fully rested and awake during our work.

2. Only Healthy Snacks To Fuel Up




Fat-laden food or too much carbs consumption during work may induce sleep and just laziness. Healthy and functional snacks can satiate our cravings and hunger and may keep us full for a long time. We might not have the luxury of making healthy snacks at the office every time we crave something like we could do at home. So remember to stock up on these healthy snack supplies. The best part is that you don't have to sacrifice flavour for health.


Ready to eat snacks


Try out OrangeFigs Ready to eat snacks: Trail mixes and flavoured nuts. 

3. Give Yourself A Break

Every once in a while we have a low productivity period where we may be out of any motivation, creativity, or ideas. Try having a small break where you surround yourself with the positive thought and attitude to rise up again. Go out of the building or on the balcony/terrace just to get fresh air and come back. These short breaks just give a new perspective and rejuvenate us from within. It makes us ready for the next meeting!

4. Surround Yourself With A Friend



If you are having a bad day and feeling the worst, talk to a friend or coworker in the office who you know to elevate your spirits high. The support from others gives us someone to lean on and also inspires us throughout the day.

The important thing is to give yourself the time and adjust to things slowly and not at once. Did you enjoy working from home? Or do you prefer to work from the office?

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