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Back To School: It’s Baking Time!

Extracurricular activities have always been part of a child’s learning. We all know that for an all-round development of a child, it is very crucial for him/her to be actively involved in such activities apart from the academic lessons. Orange Figs holds great potential for a wholesome platform for your kid’s social, emotional, and core values. We introduced baking as a part of such extracurricular activities.


Kids Baking


The Event

Imagine baking delicious healthy cookies as homework after school or other delicious goodies for the family as an extracurricular activity for growing kids. Not only did they learn cooking as an essential life skill but also will have fun doing it. Exactly this happened at the Orange Figs baking event. Cooking is an invaluable skill for daily life and what better way to start with than baking?

Orange Figs’ DIY kits are specially designed for enhancing fun and learning experiences among children. We presented the kitchen as an opportunity and space for kids to grow and feel empowered. From little things like gaining confidence, connecting, management to bigger aspects of life like responsibility, being fearless, creativity, and accepting individuality, the kitchen can teach many invaluable lessons. Collaborating with schools we also tend to irradicate the stereotypes among children from a young age and help them to be free of these gender biases. The event showcased the talents of young kids in a hectic environment such as the kitchen. They learned to accept failure and gained confidence as a part of their endeavours. 

A Second Home

School is the second home for children. We have built this community together so that we reimagine the growth and development of children together. Our kits work great with great crowds. The more the merrier. The kitchen became a space where different people come together as one. Schools are the best place where a kid can connect with others and learn several things on the way. With International School Shaikpet as a medium and Orange Figs as the platform, we all hope to inspire wholesome growth for children together. 

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