Bake, Cook and Charge Yourself

Bake, Cook and Charge Yourself

We have always thought an amazing break would be using our phone, binge-watching and indulging with some sort of technology and using it for hours and hours together, but if we notice, after a 2 or 3-hour session of using our phone we only feel more drained, we just want to go and sleep and not do anything. 

We at the Orange Figs believe, practice, and preach that cooking and baking are the most creative, rejuvenating, and fulfilling activities that have so many advantages, there are so many qualities to acquire from cooking. 

We have always made it a point to associate kids with the kitchen as much as possible. After speaking with these kids and their parents we can proudly claim that cooking and baking are two good ways to charge yourself. 

Kids come up with the most creative ways in the kitchen, they use their brains without any barriers. 

Cooking and baking have so many advantages like creating bonds, it helping you care for yourself, it increases self-confidence, and patience, and giving a touch of failure which is very important to get at a young age. We have seen children cry and grow out of it to be strong individuals.

We spoke to and worked with several families and tend to continue talking to and working with a lot more.

Even your children can experience this fun and learn the art of staying calm and controlling their minds while learning some baking skills from us. This can bring a very strong shift in your child's mind. 

To end with, we at the Orange Figs launched a baking summer camp for kids, the first and the second batches got over, and the kids loved it and enjoyed themselves. If you want your child to enjoy themselves as well, check for the details on our website and do not delay contacting us..! 

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