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Baking With Kids: A Baking Guide For All Ages

Are your kids budding bakers? Do cupcakes and pastries excite them? Or are you looking for a baking session to involve them in? Well, whatever may be the case, baking with kids is a fun activity to engage them in from a young age. Award-winning kids’ cookbook Author Deanna F. Cook says that doing so will help cultivate baking skills in kids from a young age. These skills will not only make them independent and confident but might also get them to develop a lifetime love for baking. Deanne is also a cooking teacher.

But when baking with kids, it is natural to be confused about what tasks to assign them. So, we bring you a guide that takes you through the age-appropriate tasks for your little one.

Pre-Schoolers (ages 2 to 5)

Kids between the ages of 2 to 5 years are extremely curious by nature. Baking to them will look like a fun activity they want to be involved in. Hence you should assign them simple baking tasks such as:

  1. Adding pre-measured ingredients to the recipe
  2. Stirring the cake mix or other batters
  3. Getting and keeping things from the refrigerator
  4. Helping with bowls and spoons 
  5. Sprinkling chocolate chips into the batter or cookie dough


Baking With Kids


When baking with kids in this age group you must supervise their every activity. It can seem like a lot but they are still in their learning process. Given their age, you can only ask them to do simple things, but for them finishing the task will be an achievement. So cheer them when they finish the assigned task.

Elementary-Schoolers (ages 5 to 8)


Baking With Kids


Kids belonging to this age group have more developed fine motor skills. These kids want to be independent hence assign them tasks that make them feel so. They by now know basic math and can also read. So, ask them to read the recipe out loud and monitor them while they measure the ingredients for the recipe. They can also handle blunt knives so they ask them to cut any fruits that will be added to the recipe. While they may not be able to handle the oven as yet, they can assist you in greasing the pan for pouring cake mixture or for arranging the cookies. Some other baking tasks apt for this age are:

  1. Cutting shapes for cookies
  2. Measuring and pouring dry and wet ingredients
  3. Stirring mixtures
  4. Cracking eggs
  5. Operating a stand mixer with your assistance

Primary-Schoolers (ages 8 to 12)


Baking With Kids


Ages 8 to 12 are the years when kids develop better finger control and body-mind coordination. Hence, they can help around more and at times handle tasks without supervision. They are very active during these years and will find baking very fun. So, let them take the lead in making muffins, cakes and cookies. While they may not be able to decorate the entire cake as yet, they can nevertheless help you. Some baking tasks you can assign them include:

  1. Using a stand mixer unsupervised

  2. Placing baking trays and cake tins in the oven

  3. Kneading bread dough

  4. Rolling the pie crust

  5. Melting chocolate and butter in the microwave

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