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Best 5 Children’s Book For Boosting Confidence

Our children face a lot of challenges and social pressures, which question their self-confidence and esteem. Hence, we want our kids to be confident beings in life and in trying out new things. It is very important for them to be in a positive environment for building their confidence. They also will seek any kind of guidance that they can get from you. 

Here is a list of books for your shopping list. These are some amazing children’s books for boosting their confidence.

1. I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont

If your child feels like he is different from others in a class or any group. This book specifically will give him the confidence to cherish what a unique person he is! It might lead him/her to say “I Like Myself” in the mirror often.

2. I Can Be Anything! By Diane Dillion 

Just like the title, the main character Zoe in this book believes she can be anything when she grows up from an archaeologist to the US President. The book is highly motivational for kids. 

3. You Be You By Linda Kranz

This book tells the story of a fish called Adri. He travels and explores the sea to discover and learn. He learns that he is different and also accepts others on the journey.

4. Big Choo By Stephan Shaskan 

This book teaches about following one's passion and that it takes a lot of discipline and confidence. The story is told in the most creative way imaginable.

5. Happy Dreamer By Peter H. Reynolds

This book shares an empowering message for the kids. It teaches us to embrace our own creative uniqueness. It tells you that it is important to dream. Kids who love to explore and are imaginative would just love this book.

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