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Best Nutrition For Young Athletes

Children require a variety of foods while growing up. However, the rules around food are very different with children who are active in sports. Sports nutrition for young ones might be a little tricky. In some cases, it appears that nothing can satiate their hunger. This is because they need a different kind of nutrition altogether. They also need more calories than other children of their age.

Here is a proper guide for you to know what food options you should start with.

1. Carbs For Energy 

Carbohydrates are the main source of all the energy in athletes. Make sure the child gets a good amount of carbs 2-3 hours before practice. Go for whole-grain bread and other cereals and a lot of fruits.


Sports nutrition


2. Fats Are Good

Fats like the omega-3 in fishes, seeds, nuts, avocados, etc. are some good fats essential for brain health and development. This also helps keep hungry tummies satisfied for a longer time. However, fried foods and heavy red meats should be avoided.

3. Keep Hydrated


Hydrated kid


Children tend to absorb heat from the environment at a faster pace than adults. They also tend to forget a lot to keep themselves hydrated. Encourage and remind them to frequently drink water during practice. Ideally, a child should consume about ½ cup of water every 20 minutes of play. Therefore, teach them the importance of being hydrated.

4. Lean Meat For Protein


Lean Meats


Lean meats like turkey, chicken, and fish are the preferred means of protein among growing children. Protein is necessary for a child’s muscle growth. Since they are growing each day, it is crucial that they consume a lot of protein to aid in their muscle breakdown and repair.

5. Variety Is Essential

A variety of foods provide all kinds of nutrition essential for the child such as calcium and iron. Calcium helps in building strong bones. On the other hand, iron helps to take oxygen in every part of the body. Green leafy vegetables, eggs, yogurt, milk, etc are rich in iron and calcium. 

Regular competitions and intense sports calls for a healthy and balanced diet for young athletes. A regular health checkup also helps in knowing what a child needs the most for performing his best in his sport. 

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