Road trip with family

Best Road Trip Activities For Kids

Are you planning a road trip with your family? Are you not sure about what to do when your kids say ‘I am bored’? Here are some ideas that will help you organise the most entertaining road trip ever! 

1. Word Quiz

Word quizzes are the best thing to pass your time with. It also increases the vocabulary of kids. Playing word games with them during the long trip will make time pass faster than you think.


Road trip with kids


2. Journal Writing

Getting into the habit of writing from a young age is important for the future. Journaling is the most interesting and productive way to start writing. You will be surprised to see how creative they can get. you Encourage the kids to keep a journal and mention all the experiences of the road trip. This way they do not just make memories but also relive them. You can just get a notebook and get started!

3. Drawing/Colour book

Getting a colouring book or blank sheets for drawing is also a good idea when kids come along. Kids love to imagine and show their creativity by making pictures. Show them different objects you pass through during the drive and challenge them to draw and colour them. 


Road trip with Kids


4. Licence Plate Game

Who isn’t aware of the license plate game? Let them have a classic search of all the licence plates from different states of the country. You can also play mathematical and alphabetical games using the licence plates. 

5. Bring Books

If your child is a reader, then half of your issue is resolved. Bring a variety of bookstore comics for them and yourself and have a good long read on the road trip. Books are perfect for travelling and you can also discuss the book with your kids. Everyone loves storytime. You can also plan on narrating stories to your kids on the trip.

Snack time is also something that kids look forward to on road trips. Do not forget to pack healthy and delicious snacks for them at designated intervals.

Happy Journey!

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