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Bored Kids at Hand? Here’s What To Do

The pandemic is proving to be stressful for everyone. The kids especially have been feeling bored staying home and not being able to socialise. Do you have bored kids at hand too? Do you often find them glued to their devices? Then here are a few ways to keep your kids occupied during this time:

1. Online Hobby Classes


Online classes


Enroll your kids in online hobby classes. These could be some classes they have a keen interest in, thus ensuring they learn something that they like and spend their time fruitfully. The skills they develop through these classes will ensure kids use their creativity in the best way possible. There are countless options to choose from online, from cooking to yoga classes and raisin painting to dance workshops.

2. New Activities

Introduce your bored kids to new activities that will make them use their screens less. Gardening for instance is a fun activity. Start by allotting them a bunch of plants and encouraging them to take care of the plants. This will not only instill a sense of ownership in them but also make them responsible. They will see their hard work pay off as the plants grow and this will build a sense of confidence in them. Moreover, this way they can also form a bond with nature which is very essential in today’s times.

You can also encourage them to feed stray animals. Doing so will teach them the values of kindness and compassion.

3. Lend A Hand


Kids helping with chores


Assign your kid with a few household chores such as taking the trash out, setting the dinner table, and chopping the vegetables. This will keep them occupied and also teach them responsibility. As they get done treat them with a healthy snack or extra playtime.

4. Physical Activities

Physical activities such as yoga, aerobics, skipping, and cycling help kids get their daily dose of adrenalin rush. Additionally, the activities help build strong bones, develop muscles, maintain weight and keep them mentally healthy. Make sure your bored kids at home get at least an hour of physical activity daily.

 Kid baking


Involve the kids in the kitchen and let them make simple meals for themselves. Cooking is an important skill to know. Orange Figs aims at getting kids into the kitchen to understand and unravel the fun of cooking.

Check out the amazing subscription plans for kids. These are fun, interactive, and impart other important life skills. 

These are some of the many ways you can save your little one from being bored during these tough times. Try them and see your kids enjoy their time at home.

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