Diwali’s Safety Guide For Kids As Well As Parents

Diwali is almost here. This is the day when kids are the most excited and plan out days ahead. They look forward to all the crackers and fun. While they have all the excitement and fun on the day, it is normal to feel a little afraid of any mishaps that can be caused due to crackers and even the lights.

Each year Diwali brings another kind of excitement for the kids. It has been seen that for a few years a number of people including kids are getting hurt because of the recklessness with the crackers or even earthen lights or Diyas. 

A careful guide to all the safety that we need during Diwali can bring us even more happiness. This is a list of a few things that can be checked when it is about kids. 

  • Crackers/Fireworks

  • Fireworks

    We must never the fireworks. Although it is a lot of fun for kids and they look forward to it the most, it is better to get them excited about other things on Diwali. Encourage them to go green on Diwali. There are even a lot of green-crackers available in the market. Also never compromise on the quality of the crackers and get only the premium ones. A lot of mishaps happen because of the poor quality of the crackers. 

  • Clothes

  • Diwali is a festival when everyone buys new and fancy clothes to celebrate. But when you have an extensive night of fireworks planned, make sure that you wear only cotton clothes. Nylon or synthetic clothes are more prone to catching fire. 

  • Lamps

  • Diwali

    On Diwali, we like to decorate our house with a lot of lights, candles, and Diyas (earthen lamps). As beautiful as they look at night, they also are incredibly dangerous when lit indoors. Make sure you do not place them near curtains or any kind of inflammable object. Always have a bucket of water nearby when lighting and also during fireworks. Make sure to have a first-aid box too. 

  • Environment

  • Pollution

    Diwali is a festival of light but we can agree that it is not a festival of noise and bad air. A lot of noise and air pollution are the two things that affect us in a very harmful way. If you are near any hospital or any animal shelter, make sure you be extra careful of the noise you make. Do not harm any plant or water body during the fireworks by throwing litter in it.

  • Sensitive Bodies

  • We should be a little considerate and careful with our celebrations for some sections of our society like toddlers, the elderly, sick people, pets, and students. We should not forget them and make some adjustments because we might cause a lot of harm to them on this day. 

    These are some of the things we can teach kids and even know for ourselves. In a happy festival like Diwali, it is very normal to forget the rules and just have fun. However, the real Diwali is a celebration and the sharing of happiness and joy. 

    Let’s have a smart, joyful, and Happy Diwali!


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