Corporate Cooking

Doctor Reddy’s Big Day Out With Orange Figs

Orange Figs had an amazing cook-off experience with Dr. Reddy’s. This was when every one of the team came together for a friendly and fun cooking competition. 

Every team who strives to be at their best and excel, go through a rough patch of low productivity, conflicts, communication barriers, etc. Even at the early stages of team formation, loss of communication and trust is a common sight. Social parties or meetups are good to get to know each other in a team. However, parties can also be awkward and one-directional. In such situations, someone or the other is bound to feel left out. Sports events are also an option but it could be physically challenging for a lot of people. Therefore, it is not a viable option. 

Corporate Dinner


Why was the cook-off the best team-building challenge?

We can all agree that the one thing everyone relates to is ‘food’. The cooking competition proved to be a good way to motivate creativity and boost morale. It can be therapeutic and work as a stress buster. The challenges in the kitchen were similar to the challenges in work. The exclusivity of a ‘Team Challenge’ makes the cook-off very impactful. Moreover, the process is a lot more fun than work. 


Corporate Dinner


So did it work?

Teams were divided and with a professional chef guiding them, they were set to compete against each other. Within the limits of the competition, they started communicating and collaborating on a recipe. The time limit and the demand for thinking out of the box built the framework of camaraderie and trust. In the end, a bit of salesmanship and creativity in the presentation made a lot of difference. 


Corporate Cooking


The team players are bound to bring out their best form of creativity, innovation, and eye to detail. This goes a long way in the work environment as well. In a workplace, people are bound by specific roles but in the kitchen, we break role and communication barriers and make teamwork more efficient. Everyone gets an opportunity to build on their trust and friendship. A well-timed cook-off makes you work together and produce results. It was pretty evident that the goodness of the kitchen and the cook Off challenge with Dr. Reddy’s will be easily carried off to the office from the next day. We at Orange Figs are crafting and channeling creativity by bringing teams together! 

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