Cooking and Children's Mental Health

Cooking and Children's Mental Health

There was a time when children used to be very joyful. Anxiety was not even a concept for children. The only reason a child could get close to worrying was when a toy was lost or snatched away, even at such times they would only cry for a few minutes and shift their focus to the next thing that interests them.

Research says that After the surge of technology, children are losing their curiosity and interest in exploration. This results in depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and many other mental health disorders.

It is very unfortunate that children are also suffering from depression nowadays, and we only must save our children from this dark mental state. It is a fact that the true nature of any human being, especially children, is fun, joy, happiness, love, excitement, enthusiasm, and playfulness. It is very important to protect our children from phone and technology addictions and engage them in an activity to preserve this very true nature. Nothing could be better than some creative work to invoke that creativity in them. Baking and cooking are the most creative, fun, thought-provoking, engaging, and exciting activities that a child can start their journey with.

Having a creative activity to engage in, can open doors to many opportunities in life. Naming a few of them.  

  1. Cooking and baking are creative career options. We have many chefs and bakers who do wonders in society with their skill.
  2. Having something creative can help children focus better in their academics as well.
  3. Cooking and baking can put a pause to their worries. It can be a medium where they can unwind and rejuvenate from their stress and anxiety. 
  4. It keeps them calm and centered up to a very large extent. 
  5. They can make new friends which can help them get rid of their social anxiety and separation anxiety. 
  6.  Cooking and baking are activities that teach essential qualities like failure, success, confidence, happiness, joy, and fearlessness.

  Conflicts in families that take time out for each other are minimal, what better than a kitchen bonding time.

Moreover in today’s day and age it is very important to have basic and minimal cooking skills for any individual.

 If a child goes into the world with this valor and confidence he/she may see heights in any task they take up.

We at the Orange Figs are totally fixated and have been working on reaching out to as many children and families as we can with our baking classes. We have been helping children get out of their monotonous lifestyles and tend to keep doing it for as long as we can.



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