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Eliminating Evil This Dussehra With The Bake Fest

Dussehra marks the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana in the popular Hindu epic Ramayana. This also signifies the triumph of ‘Good’ over ‘Evil’. Evil now can be in a lot of forms. You must recognize Boredom, it can also be one of the many forms of evil. As the season of holidays approaches, boredom can be one common plight in children. What if we introduce you to something fun yet educational with a lot of treats in the way?


Kids Baking


Orange Figs’ Dussehra Bake Fest is one such event when we organized a culinary workshop for kids. This workshop was the epitome of all the fun, excitement, and learning in the days of festive spirit. Not only did the kids graduate in the basics of baking but they had the best time inculcating some life-changing skills and values. 


Kids Baking


The kitchen is a very dynamic place where things change quickly. The workshop gave the children a hands-on experience where they learned to face any kind of change and accept it as a challenge. This in turn made them confident and accepted a few failures in their way. It was all about perseverance and the sweet outcome when the young bakers kept on going.  


Kids Baking


India is a diverse country where we have a number of cultures and traditions residing together in a melting pot. Diversity is a very sensitive topic that can be taught to children from a very young age. What better place to teach about diversity than in the kitchen? Food is something we all relate to. Hence, the kitchen is the perfect place to introduce diversity to kids. In the Dussehra Bake Fest when kids of different backgrounds, gender, and schools, came to fight the one evil together, they learned about teamwork, bonding, and friendship. They came to respect the whole process, and the differences in people and work together as one. 

At Orange Figs, we believe that the kitchen and food can easily ward off all the evils for wholesome child development. And we fight it with our apron-shield on and whisk-sword ready!

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