How Do Children Learn Through Cooking

How Do Children Learn Through Cooking

Cooking is a very underrated activity, one who masters the art of cooking thoroughly did master the mind as well. Cooking teaches love and affection, cooking is a way to connect with people, and it increases the intimacy between people. 

In today's day connecting with people has become a difficult task, we are always either on our phones or at work cooking can be a good way to rediscover ourselves, connect with our family, and have a conversation with our children and parents.

Children learn patience through cooking:

It is very obvious that cooking is a work of patience, we will never be able to cook a dish in a hurry, even if we finish the dish in a hurry it is going to be bad. We need to wait for the rice to cook, we need to wait for the cakes to bake, we need to wait for the curry to cook, everything is a wait while cooking and baking.

Kids are very curious, they explore all their senses while cooking: 

Children want to touch everything, they tend to touch everything all the vegetables, fruits, pulses, etc.

They listen to every sound either the chopping sound or grinding sound.

They are very curious to taste everything while cooking and are very excited to see whatever is new and flashy. This is something that helps them explore many things and keeps their creativity on point.

Life skills:

At a certain point in time, every child needs to manage some important life skills like success, failure, happiness, sadness, frustration, and anger. Cooking is the best practice for this as everything comes up while cooking.

Leadership skills:

Leadership skills like confidence, courage, and responsibility. Cooking teaches one to be a team player.

We at the OrangeFigs keep pushing children to cook more and get into the kitchen and work as we have seen children gain several positive skills and go out of here more confident, we tend to reach out to as many families as we can and change as many lives as we can with the one life-changing skill.

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