Basics of Baking

How Ready Are You To Bake Your First Cake?

Are you new to baking? Are you planning to find baking classes for kids? These are a few basic rules that every baker must follow each time, before they begin to bake.

Baking is a therapeutic activity. You can indulge in baking when you want to prepare treats for some company or even when you have had a stressful day at work. We begin with the key rule to baking – ‘patience’. You need to have tons and tons of patience and practice before you start. If you are fairly new to baking grab an apron and brush up the basics. Let's start!

1. Read Your Recipes!

Baking is all about chemistry. The first and the most important basic rule of baking is to read your recipe thoroughly and check for the availability of the ingredients and tools needed.

2. Do The Research

Always do your research well, for baking might seem very easy, which indeed is if you’ve got the right knowledge. Baking involves you to work with chocolate and sugar and other ingredients at various temperatures. So, it is important to research well on these topics before you get down to actual baking.

There are several baking classes for kids and workshops for grownups. Find the one suitable according to your needs. Classes can come handy if you want to feel more comfortable.

3. Always Measure Your Ingredients


Most beginners don’t take the measuring aspect seriously, and that’s where many times baking fails. As a beginner, you can use the measuring cups and spoons that are easily available in the market. But you are always recommended to use the standard kitchen weighing scale to measure out your ingredients.

4. Always Check The utensils And Follow The Steps

People tend to ignore these small basic baking rules, which play an important role. Steps like checking your utensils and making sure that they’re clean and dry, especially when you’re working with chocolate are crucial; even a drop of water or impurities can seize your chocolate. 


Sifting Flour

Another basic baking rule that people tend to ignore is sifting your ingredients. You may think it might not make a lot of difference, but it does! Always sift your ingredients and do not over mix your batters; mixing plays a major role in differences in textures of your baked goods. Assuming you follow trusted sources; the recipes are always tried and tested which eliminates the errors and failures – so make sure you follow all the steps right.

5. Trust The Process

Sometimes all bakers need to do is trust the process and have patience. On the other hand, even well- trained bakers make mistakes when it comes down to removing your cakes from the molds. You need to let the cake or the baked items cool down completely and then gently remove them.

Most importantly make sure you’re enjoying the process and having fun with the ingredients and different textures. Don’t hesitate to experiment. You might fail a million times, but you’ll get there one day.

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