How To Be Productive During Vacations:

How To Be Productive During Vacations:

First and foremost before anything, a favor one can do for themselves is to learn cooking and baking as young as possible. It is going to save a lot of stress and is going to help a lot in the future. 

 It is very important to keep your body and mind in movement for a healthy lifestyle, for which learning and playing a sport every day is very important.

 Now coming to “How to be productive”:

It is quite easy to be productive in school or college as one keeps doing something or the other, being productive at home is a little bit of a task. Keeping some things in mind one can be productive daily.

  1. It is very important to make a plan and have a to-do list for the day and the whole vacation. Try sticking to it as much as possible.
  2. If you aren't able to follow it there is no need to beat yourself up but it is important to give yourself a little punishment, like not meeting your friends for a day or not watching the next episode of the series you watch, or anything that reminds you of not breaking the routine of being productive.
  3. Reward yourself after completing a task with something you like.
  4.  Keep yourself away from distractions, throw your phone aside or lock it, tell people around to hide the television remote, see what works but stay away from distractions.
  5.  Do only one task with sheer focus at a time. Do not multitask, it is a way to fail in all the tasks.
  6.  Keep all the required tools and materials organized, and keep your workplace tidy.
  7.  Get enough sleep and eat healthy
  8. Don't exhaust your eyes by staring into the screen for too long, take a break and stretch.
  9.  The only key to becoming productive daily is consistency, keep doing what you are doing even if you get bored.


Now coming back to the Orange Figs, if you are a parent of a child aged 4-14 and are residing in Hyderabad we will help your son/daughter learn some culinary and baking skills with our baking summer camp coming along. 

We at the Orange Figs make sure that along with culinary skills the children even get some life skills and stress management skills. This is a place where children meet other children and get rid of their inhibitions. We not only teach baking, we make your child ready for the challenges that they will face in the future as well.


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