Sibling Rivalry

How To Deal With Sibling Rivalry

Do you feel helpless when the kids fight? Sibling rivalries are very common and inevitable. However, it is manageable and preventable as well.

It is pretty normal for siblings to fight now and then. It could get ugly sometimes, leaving the parents helpless and frustrated. 

There are many reasons for kids to fight among themselves. It may be a call for attention from either of the parents or to feel powerful. It could also be just because they are bored. Sometimes there are positive outcomes that come out of their fights such as standing up for themselves, learning to manage and resolve their disputes, etc. However, it can leave you feeling helpless and worried on a busy day.

Parents can play a huge role in managing and preventing sibling rivalry. These are some ways to prevent it before things get out of hand.

  • Avoid Favouritism


    Research shows that parental favouritism affects a child’s mental health negatively. Avoid encouraging any kind of competition among them, putting labels, or comparing them to each other. Instead, you should always celebrate and accept their differences and unique personalities. 

    If one is out-going, play with him outside. If one is more of an indoor person, snuggle with a book beside them. 

  • Keep Your Calm

  • Parenting

    The last thing you want is to lose your cool and calm before your children in these situations. This will make the kids behave in the same way. 

  • Create A Healthy Environment
  • It is always difficult for kids to witness their parents fight or shout at each other. This will make them do the same. As they think this is the way they should handle their problems too. So try to set a good example for them.

  • Treating Fairly Vs Equally
  • It is important for you to treat them fairly and not equally. Punish them or reward them according to their individual performance. This kind of treatment motivates them to be good. 

  • Plan Family Time

  • Family Time

    Family time is very important when kids are growing. When they know more about each other, qualities like empathy, teamwork, and unity come to the surface. Moreover, this kind of arrangement gives the kids less opportunity to pick fights and more to spend time with each other. 

    All sibling rivalries are not bad. Most of them teach a lot of things to the kids. However, clear communication is very important for a strong relationship to establish. 

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