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How To Get Your Kids To Pack Their Own School Lunches

Everyday the parents struggle to think of some new food to pack as lunch for their kids. This decision can be very vital as kids tend to waste their lunch if they don’t like it. The best solution to the issue is to take the help of kids in packing their lunch. You would not believe it but this might be the best solution ever!

1. Talk Healthy!

Teach them about the benefits and nutritional value of different foods. Tell them about the importance of having healthy meals and set guidelines for packing their lunch to specific about the type of food they should take for their lunch and what kind of food they would need for energy during the whole day.

2. Plan The Food

Plan out the menu for a week with them. Take them grocery shopping for anything they might need for making lunch that week. When they become a part of the process, they tend to enjoy the task better.

3. Pack A Night Before


Kids Lunch


Many kids have a hard time waking up in the morning for school let alone for lunch preparation. Suggest them to pack lunch the night before. This will make the kids more responsible and punctual. They learn to take care of themselves. 

4. Set Up The Packing Stations


Kids Lunch


Setting up a designated area for packing their lunch would be a lot of help to the small ones. It becomes easy for them if they have one place to look for all the items they need for packing their lunch such as the lunch boxes, plastic spoons and forks, napkins, fruits, and water bottles, etc.  

5. Let The Kids Do the Cleaning 

At the end of the day, have the kids do the cleaning of the lunch boxes. This way they come to know the importance of food and help them change their habit of leaving the unfinished food in the lunch box. 

Packing lunch everyday makes the kids responsible and take care of themselves in a better way!

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