Kid Eating Salad

How To Make Kids Eat Salad

Salad eating has a lot of benefits. Salads are the most easily made dinners or lunches. It is also packed and loaded with all the nutrition needed for a body to stay healthy and energetic. When kids become salad eaters, you are easily giving them a boost of nutrition in an easy and quick way. However, the inclusion of salad in their meals might be a tricky thing to do. 

Here is how you can make them eat salad and love it.

1. Simple Salads Are The Best 

A simple salad includes two to three ingredients at the most. Picky eaters among the kids are not a surprise. Simple salads help them develop the taste for new ingredients slowly. You can add more ingredients once they get a taste of good salads.

2. Put Their Favourite Ingredients


Kids eating salad


Add one ingredient in the salad that is their favourite. Grate their favourite cheese over the salads. Or put their favourite ranch dressing over the salad. Or maybe add apples to the salad. The motive is to lure the kids through their favourite food to something even better. 

3. Let The Kids Be The Salad Chefs


Kids Cooking


Once in a while let the kids make their own salads. When you involve them in the process from the very beginning they tend to get to know and like the outcome eventually. They might even become more creative and force you into eating their salad recipe. 

4. Brighten It Up!

The kids’ salad should not be mundane and boring. A pop of colour always helps. The appearance of the salad is very important for the kids as they get bored easily. The first impression of the salad should be strong. Play with the colours, textures, and flavours of the salad to keep the kids interested. Chop down the vegetables as small as your kid likes. They find easily chewable food very satisfying. 

Salads can be a great source of all the vitamins and nutrients for a developing child. If you can make a child fall in love with eating salads from a young age, half of their health issues will be solved. 

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