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How To Stop Kids From Snacking

Snacking can be a very common problem with kids. They start expecting unhealthy foods at irregular times. This reduces their appetite for food that is later evident in mealtimes. It also increases obesity in some cases as kids usually go for junk food as a snack.

Here are some of the best tips to follow which will stop them from snacking or control their snacking behaviour. 

  • Serve Healthy Snacks 
  • Replace the unhealthy foods with healthy snack options. If your kid wants a lot of snacks, why not trick them into being healthy? Combine a balanced portion of proteins, fibers, etc. Include sprouts, salads, milk, smoothies, shakes, etc. in their snack time.

  • Reduce The Snack Time
  • Give them snacks only twice a day. One between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner. Do not exceed the number of snack times. This will keep their health in check.


    Kids Snacking


  • Do Not Give Snacks As Rewards
  • We often offer snacks or kids’ favourite food in snacks as their reward for performing or behaving well. However, this makes them look forward to snacks a lot more than they should. Avoiding snacks as rewards will make them take the snacks as normal and not any different from other meals. 

  • Serve The Same Food In Meals And Snacks
  • Try and give them small portions of the same food that you gave them at lunch or dinner as ‘mini meals’. One of the reasons kids get excited about snacks is that it is something not as regular as the meals that they have daily. This makes them desire it more and more. 

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