Learning While breaking Stigma

Learning While breaking Stigma

For years together the kitchen has been associated with women and housewives. There have always been a lot of stigmas set behind men and children getting into the kitchen and working.

We at the Orange Figs believe that it's unfair that more than 65% of the society is not getting into the creative and calming art of cooking just because of the narrow and stigmatic mindset.

Few men like Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khanna, and Sanjeev Kapoor who broke this stigma are doing the best work and influencing many people. The top 10 chefs of India, as well as in the world are men, these are the men who did not let the chatter of society bother them, and did not discriminate between genders. They were just normal men who followed their passion, kept sharpening the skill they possessed and are doing wonders all over the world.

Cooking can be an amazing tool for everyone to get a break from their stressful lives as well. Though cooking is an art It is even a basic need that everyone should know no matter whatever the gender or age of a person is. We make baking and cooking interesting for children with our tools and techniques. Our professional chefs are always there to support new talent to come up.

The end of patriarchy should surely start in the kitchen, for the start of something wise and wonderful.

Knowledge at a young age is going to stay, nurture and grow a child for the rest of their life. So, Make your child grow more confident with adequate leadership skills and minimize stress in their life just by opening the doorway to the kitchen for them.



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