Kid Cooking

Life Skills That Every Child Should Know By 10

Practical knowledge of how things work and extracurricular activities are quite important for kids apart from academics. Getting the kids started on learning these practical life skills from a young age will not only make them confident but also make them independent. These are some of the life skills they should work on by 10 years of age.

1. Cooking Simple Meals


Kid Cooking


Cooking is a life skill that is very crucial for survival. Kids should know how to prepare simple meals. Start them early by letting them help you in the kitchen. Soon when they develop interest encourage them to bake or cook simple dishes following recipes. 

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2. Using Web Smartly & Carefully


kids using internet


Kids use a lot more technology than parents these days. They are prone to more cyber crimes and thefts. Teach them to be more private and careful while on social media and while giving out any personal information about themselves. Make them aware of these crimes. Do not leave them unsupervised on the internet. 

3. Tending To Wounds 

Every house should have a first aid box. And kids should know what are the uses of each item is in the safety box. Instruct them, step by step the things needed to be done in each type of wound. 

4. Planting 


Kid Planting


Kids learn about plants and planting seeds in theory in classes and textbooks. However, they might not know to do it in reality. Let them plant something in the pot or the ground. This will help them observe the plant in different stages of its life. They will also earn to take care of the plant.

5. Swimming 

Swimming is the basic life skill that one should know growing up. Swimming classes or just a public pool can give kids the perfect platform to start learning and practicing.

6. Writing A Letter

Writing a letter helps the kids in a lot of ways. It improves their writing and reading skills too. Let them write letters to their relatives and cousins on festivals or such events. They can also start by writing letters to their friends. 

7. Navigating

Children already can use smartphones efficiently. Although there are some apps that they should learn how to use correctly such as maps. They should also know how to use a compass and read a map if need be. Try asking them questions related to directions when you are traveling with them or leaving the house for an errand. 

8. Making A Conversation

Kids should learn how to initiate and maintain a conversation. This can help them to interact and connect to anyone if they want to. This helps them to become socially active and gain confidence too. 


Kids Cleaning


9. Cleaning Their Surroundings

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

Children should understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. They should also be aware of self-hygiene and how to present themselves to other people.  Get them started by making them clean their room. Let them arrange their books and toys in place after homework and playtime. Compliment them if they do well. 

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