Negative impacts of technology on children and ways to solve the issue:

Negative impacts of technology on children and ways to solve the issue:

There are several wonderful impacts of technology. It provides good entertainment, gives information, it is a very useful tool for kids to study and learn new things, we can sit at our homes and know what's going on all over the world with the help of our phones and television, we can connect with old friends through technology and social media.

If not used properly children can become destructive and fall prey to so many unwanted issues that may arise.

Few of the dangerous and negative impacts of technology that are seen in children are.

  1. It is seen and proven that kids who are too much into their phones and play games all day have a lower attention span, which make them not function and think properly.
  2. It leads to a number of health issues mentally, physically and emotionally.
  3. Children who use phones, play games all day and keep using social media all day tend to get addicted which makes it hard to think about anything else.
  4. Too much screen time affects sleep time as well, which is one of the most important aspects for a child.
  5. Too much screen time affects children's socio communication skills, they get so used to social media and the fake world, that they wouldn't know how to handle the real world.
  6. It takes a great toll on their creativity.
  7. Too much exposure to technology and social media gives teenagers and youth a lot of trust issues, as it is difficult to identify what's real and what’s not. 

 These are only a few of the issues. Technology has been destroying children in many other ways, it's better to control this before it gets too late:

“Get your child into an activity where they can work on their creativity”.

Getting into the kitchen doing something hands-on would help them big time to deal with almost any addiction. Cooking and baking are the most therapeutic and creative activities that are quite underrated. 

We at the Orange Figs always encourage kids to get into the kitchen and bake, we have seen several children break their barriers and boost their confidence in the kitchen. They meet new people and make new friends which will help them maintain their social skills. Cooking and baking with us help kids break their barriers and teach them to trust more. We give them a glimpse of success and failure which will help them maintain a calm and balanced mind in the outer world.

With this, several activities can be pursued like dancing, singing, playing sports, etc. Choose whatever works for you and stick to it. These skills will take you out of your miseries and inhibitions.

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