Orange Figs Baking Summer Camp:

Orange Figs Baking Summer Camp:

A very heartwarming and mouth-watering event has gotten over with amazingly good responses and fun-filled activities. We at the Orange Figs have taken an initiative to break the monotony of young students and help them with some clarity, perspective, and creativity instead of just wasting energy and time. The first batch has gotten over and we just sent away a bunch of amazing kids who had lots of fun and some happy responses. 

Now, the second batch is going on where the children are having a blast and are having the time of their life. The kids have baked almost 24 recipes in 14 days, this is one of the most. Doing some work and working in the kitchen are surely the most creative aspects of life, they can bring contentment, creativity, and a feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment in life. 

Baking is one of the most therapeutic activities, it can calm the mind and help zone out from any stress.

It's not too late, even your child can experience this fun and therapeutic art.

Some good news for parents residing in Hyderabad, we have another batch coming up later on, in May. Send your child and give them the best gift of their life.

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