Practice Makes a Man Perfect:

Practice Makes a Man Perfect:

One can master anything just by practice and consistency, doing something for a few days and leaving it or being inconsistent or irregular just makes you forget a skill. 

It's okay to take small steps and make small goals initially, only these small steps can take you to heights.

Baking and cooking are skills that are necessary for everyone to know, they have several advantages that can change a person for good, but most of the time people give up easily, kitchen work can test your temperament up to a very huge extent, you may get irritated easily and stop getting into the kitchen. This is a huge blunder that should be avoided, some consistency and practice can take you to places.

It is a fact that children have the curiosity and mental ability to learn anything faster than adults, so it is very advisable for children to get into the kitchen and do fun activities, cooking and baking are the most creative activities that can get your children into another world itself.

This is an amazing way to teach your children the importance of patience practice.

How can children learn patience and practice through Baking:

  1. To master the art, it is very important to be firm. Initially, you would be failing almost in everything you do, the key is to hang in there and practice every day.
  2. It invokes a sense of curiosity and they will have to wait for an output that improves their patience 
  3. It takes a lot of practice for the fermentation process, to know the right fermentation time, even professional chefs make mistakes here.
  4. You need to study a lot to understand the end product and to develop interest your child would need to have a lot of patience.
  5. Getting the frosting right takes a lot of practice. Usually, kids are interested in learning skills, as their curious young minds never give up even if the job is difficult. This should teach them the importance of practice.

So, Learn some baking and get a glimpse of how practice feels like.

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