Teaching Kids About Diversity:

Teaching Kids About Diversity:

Kids tend to form ideas only by looking at a certain someone and can jump to an opinion in a moment that can haunt them for their whole life. Without being aware of the fact movies have shaped a lot of these opinions, they tend to look at a scar on a villain character and get scared whenever they see a real person with a scar, it is very common that we might forget that our child has to move out someday, and they cannot get out with all sorts of garbage and unacceptance in their mind, it is going to be difficult for them and people around them as well.

  1. One good start to end this could be buying toys that support diversity, maybe buy a toy with a mark on the face, or different eye color, or a different kind of hair, this could be a start to make the child understand that being different physically is normal and nothing to be scared of.
  2. Let them make their own friends, instead of choosing who your kid should talk to.
  3. Send them to places where they can meet other like-minded children and share ideas and thoughts. This will teach them how to behave in a social setup and they will know several different things and different kinds of people.
  4. There may be cases where your child might want to go to some foreign country after they grow up, they would not be able to do well anywhere with limitations in their mind, so it would be advisable to let them out of their comfort zone as soon as possible.
  5. Learning new languages is one of the best ways to get out of a comfort zone, and is one of the most effective ways to challenge yourself and improve.

Getting into the kitchen at a young age and cooking or baking itself can break a number of stigmas and teach a child so much more than they can learn otherwise. Food does not have any boundaries, it teaches acceptance and unity.

We at the OrangeFigs always encourage kids to get into the kitchen as we know how therapeutic and calming the kitchen is, we have seen these kids go out of our place happy and joyful since then we made it our mission to reach out to as many children and families as possible and help them out of their miseries.

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