Technology Free Activities to Engage Your Kids:

Technology Free Activities to Engage Your Kids:


Technology is present in every aspect of life, we rely on technology for work, studies, entertainment, and whatnot. Babies understand how technology works before even saying their first words nowadays. 

We are forgetting the meaning of spending time with our family, having a good talk with friends, going on a trip or mountain climbing. 


  1. Going out and spending time in nature can bring immense change in the mindset of a child. It can improve life and calm a child down to a huge extent.
  2. It is always a learning experience to increase the level at which one takes responsibility, it is always better to give your child some responsibility which they can follow every day and become better people, like taking the dog for a walk, getting vegetables for cooking or rinsing the fruits before cutting them. These activities can teach them compassion and love.
  3. Writing a story or getting engaged in journaling will help calm the mind and do wonders for the mental health of the child, this would help the child improve their language skills as well.
  4. Cooking and baking are the two most creative activities that calm the mind and help forget the stress of the day. Baking and cooking are the most underrated activities, they can teach several activities other than kitchen skills like stress management, weighing skills, creative skills, and compassion.
  5. It is a good idea to enroll in activities and workshops with your children, this will help you know your child better and bond with them.

We at OrangeFigs always encourage children to get into the kitchen and work, as we have seen children break their inhibitions and improve their personalities in the kitchen.



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