Traditional Baking Vs Modern Baking:

Traditional Baking Vs Modern Baking:

Baking is not a modern phenomenon, it is something that has been around for centuries together, it is just the modernization and the advancement of techniques that have been changing but baking is pretty ancient. 

Modernization is not only present in technology and agriculture, Modernization has been a constant part of baking as well.

There was a time when there were no kind of ovens and microwaves, baking used to happen even in those days, cakes in those days were not as exotic as today's cakes, they were just simple bread with some sugar on it. 

It was a very time taking process with so many required ingredients. 

Then came ovens, microwaves, pressure cookers, and proper recipes to make exotic cakes and proper measurement of ingredients. 

Now, we at the OrangeFigs have taken baking a step forward and made it a bit easier, we make kits with pre-measured ingredients for different recipes which makes baking a cakewalk. We believe that baking is something that can be done by the youngest as well as the oldest.


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