7 Ways to Bond Over the Aroma

7 Ways to Bond Over the Aroma

Kids never fail to surprise parents every single day. Their curious brains and perky manners amaze parents. One question that bothers the minds of parents every day is how to direct that curiosity and energy in the right direction. A family who cooks and eats together is indeed a family which bonds at a different level, it might seem like a very small bonding activity but the impact is huge.

So, if you are having a tough time bonding with your children and family, get into the kitchen, get them into the kitchen, and bond while cooking.

  1. The first and most important thing to be taught is to give importance to others' likes and dislikes even if they don't appreciate it. This can be done through some activities, for example, you can tell each child to pick some ingredient of their choice which would be going into the meal.
  2. Include everyone in the plan, the eldest kid and the youngest kid, the youngest child can be given easy stuff which has nothing to do with sharp knives and graters if they are too young, the elder ones can be given that responsibility, which would give them a sense of shared responsibility.
  3. Getting the whole family involved gets the work done faster and is very important for the family's mental and emotional health as well.
  4. It teaches the children to be independent and cook for themselves when the parents are away or occupied with some work.
  5. Cooking together promotes eating together, which is a very important aspect in the child’s mental state.
  6. It is very important to teach children about healthy eating and help them build a good rapport with food, this time can be used for that.
  7. Reward them if they do something good and give them a small punishment if they fail to do something, which will drive them to always work to their fullest potential and give in their 100%.

     Take your kids into the kitchen more often, not only as a  weekend activity but every day at least for a while, this would do wonders for the child.
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