Why Should Cooking Be Taught In Schools:

Why Should Cooking Be Taught In Schools:

As a parent, we always only want the best for our children. We want to cook amazing food for them and take care of them without letting them put a step on the ground. But is that a good idea? It is always advisable to get your child into the kitchen and make them work and do some chores regularly. This can bring several benefits. It would be a bit better for the children if schools also start such programs like this or make cooking or baking a compulsory activity or class, or at least do such activities once or twice a month. Culinary art and cooking skills are very neglected. We as parents and elders always feel kids do not need to know how to cook. We forget that they will grow old someday and will have to go part ways from us when they will have to cook for themselves and take care of their own needs as well.

So, why should cooking be taught in schools?

  1. Cooking is an important skill everyone should possess in life, and starting this at a young age in schools would make a lot of difference, children tend to remember and learn more from fun activities in school.
  2. If the activity is fun and something new, children tend to practice what they learn at school, which would make them cook at home.
  3. Cooking at school can shape the mindset of a child for good. If they cook, cooking your food can bring and make you want to eat it, it changes your dynamic and relationship with food up to a large extent. It is the best motivation to shift to home cooking and healthy food.
  4. Cooking at school can open up the doors to many other possibilities, something may trigger and the child would develop an interest in cooking as a career as well.
  5. Last but not the least, cooking in school can give the kids a lot of nutritional information, a sense of touch, smell, and taste of diverse foods and food items and they will understand how to work in a team and individually.
    So, take your child to the kitchen with you and let them enjoy the benefits of learning to cook and bake.

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