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Work Ethics And Work Culture

How much ever one loves their work. Some days are very hard, it is just very difficult to get up and get out of bed. On such days work ethic, work culture, and discipline play a very important role. Some workplaces don't treat people very well. The long hours of work, stress people out, unwanted expectations from employees push them to a very dreadful extent. Even in the name of work from home, companies have been exploiting their employees with their high expectations and unwanted tasks. It is important to zone out from work for a while. Even to achieve productivity a break is very important, something like playing a sport, cooking or baking and many other options are present from which one can choose anything and stick to it, it is the responsibility of the company to give some time to the employee for rejuvenating and zoning out. It should be taught from a very young age itself that it is important to have a work-life balance. It is very essential to know that work is not everything and health is the most important aspect of life, companies should also give first preference to the employees health, as it is said If you take care of your employee, your employee will take care of you. A few of the important things to keep in mind are 

  1. tackle properly with the enthusiasm of the employee. 
  2. Engagement is very important. Conducting fun activities regularly are essential.
  3. Communication is important. 
  4. It is important to help them find their purpose. 
  5. Fun activities like cook-offs, some games or corporate lunches can be conducted regularly. 
  6. Compassion and empathy is important. A long and angry face is not going to do any good to the employee or the boss.   

    We at the Orange Figs always encourage children to get into the kitchen and do some work. We always push children to do some baking and cooking. We have worked with several families and children across Hyderabad and outside as well. We see good changes in the children who have taken our classes and started cooking and baking. We are sure that whenever these children get into the outside world they would know what to fall back on to zone out after a stressful day or week of work.



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