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  • How does the subscription work?
  • It is simple. You Sign up for an Orange Figs subscription plan, and you’ll get all 4 baking kits every month in one go, popping with fun recipes for tasty treats, recipe cards, fun baking tools, aprons, and even cool cute stickers to stick around: all in your easy-peasy baking kits, delivered right to your home. Finally, we have something fun, some learning, and lots of memories in our boxes made just for kids, perfect for our little bakers, dessert -lovers, and great family time.

  • What is the age group Orange Figs Baking kits are meant for?
  • We think you can’t ever be too young to get in the kitchen but 4+ under parental guidance is recommended.

  • Are the kits the same every month? Can we change the kits if we want?
  • Of course not! You’ll get super different yet so very super tasty recipes to bake every month. 

    You can get in touch with us if you want a custom set of recipes sent over to you, but once we ship them to you, the return will not happen, unless there’s some other problem.

  • Can I order my favourite kit separately? 
  • Yes, you can, just go shop for one-time baking kits and order as many as you like.

  • The ingredients have gotten hard. Is that normal?
  • Totally! Don’t worry about anything as all ingredients are vacuum-packed and sealed, which can make some ingredients feel a little hard. Just open the pack and shake it up, your ingredients will be fresh and fun in a jiffy.

  • Will the kids need additional ingredients apart from the kit?
  • We send only non-perishable ingredients. So only ingredients like eggs or milk (perishable) will have to come from your kitchen, and an oven to bake ( sorry we can’t send this ☺)

  • Is there any vegan or gluten-free option?
  • We’re really sorry for this but for now, we don’t have these options as of now but we’re working on it, and we promise we’ll have something for you in no time.

  • Do we get guided recipe videos for reference?
  • Yes, we have guided recipe videos for each recipe from our chefs. These fun and engaging videos are available on our cool Orange Figs App.

  • What exactly do I get on ordering?
  • With every DIY kit you receive pre-measured and packaged ingredients, easy to follow recipe cards, and a surprise every time!

  • How easy is it to bake with orange figs?
  • We make baking very easy and accessible to everyone. Our fail-proof recipes get the best results and delicious delights in every bite. Our recipe cards and interactive video recipe sessions on our app gives you all that you need to know to bake. 

  • Do I need to have an oven to bake it?
  • You don’t necessarily need an oven for baking with Orange Figs. You can use a microwave or a pressure cooker to bake too.

  • Do these packets contain egg or are these eggless?
  • All our products are eggless.

  • How fast will I get my order?
  • We deliver within 5-8 days of the order for the first shipment.

  • What can I do if I get stuck while baking?
  • No worries! With every DIY kit you receive a step by step guide to baking with our easy to follow recipe cards. Or you can download our app from the App Store and follow our chefs recipe videos. They are fun and instructive. 

  • What is your returns policy?
  • Refer to our Return Policies 

  • What is the shelf life of these cakes?
  • Like all other Non-Perishable ingredients, our ingredients also have a shelf life so use it timely. But it also stays for a long while.

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