Our Story

Since our launch, we have not only redefined the art of baking but also revolutionised the terms of quality of life, personal development and child growth.
We also strive to bring the healthiest snacks and purest dessert delights right at your doorstep.
We also believe that baking should be a common sight in every household as it is therapeutic and has so many benefits for kids and adults alike. For this, we have made baking easy and affordable so that anyone and everyone can cook!
With each passing year, we want to innovate and work better to bring the best products and make it accessible for you. 
At Orange Figs, we strongly believe that baking gives expression to creativity and allows us to reconnect not just with what we eat, but also with those we love. Baking together can be therapeutic, sparking fun, curiosity, and learning across all ages, making it an excellent activity for families to bond over. Whether it’s through classes, summer camps or home baking kits, it is our constant endeavour to inspire a love for baking in young minds, giving children and adults alike a tool for self-expression for life.

  • Hari Vadlamani

    Founder, Indic Academy.

  • Sunny Narang

    Ex. Chair Person. Angilian Omega Group

  • Shailja Rao

    Founder, Future Kids School

  • Sarojini Naidu

    Nutrition Expert

  • Gopi

    CEO & Founder

  • Sushma

  • Tarun Dacha

    Co-Founder & Culinary Director